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John Lewis Cox 1777-1856

John Lewis Cox was the first printer of "The Builder" in 1842, and became proprietor of the journal with the issue of No. 21. The founder of The Builder had been Joseph Hansom, an architect, perhaps better known for the Hansom Cab. John Cox's wife was his first cousin Jane Caroline Cox (1787-1858).

Ownership of The Builder passed to Jane after John's death, and on her death the company was left in Trust for her daughters and grand daughter. Over the next few decades the shares were passed down to family members. In 1911 a Company was formed, and in about 1933 the Company Articles of Association were revised and the transfer of shares was restricted to descendants, and to the husband or wife of a descendant, of Jane Caroline Cox. The Builder remained a family company until it was sold in 1989.

Cox Family Tree and

"The Builder"

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Ruth Tracey and David Marsh.

"The Four Ancestors" 1780

Edward Cox, aged 35, with his family and Thomas and Fanny Axtell, the latter being his wife's sister. Edward Cox is wearing a wig, long-tail coat, knee breeches, silk stockings and buckle shoes; he holds a quill pen in his hand and is writing at a desk. He is facing his wife, who is wearing an enormous cap and holds the baby, Mary Ann.

The two elder girls are Jane Frances (9) and Lydia Caroline (5); the latter is holding the arm of John Lewis Cox, then 3 years old.

Thomas Axtell and his wife Fanny, later had a daughter, Jane Caroline, who was to marry her cousin John Lewis Cox